Defaqto Expert Rated 5 Star Home Insurance

Defaqto is a leading UK independent financial research company.

They independently rate over 500 car and home insurance policies. Their ratings range from one to five stars. Their Star Ratings are designed to help customers identify where a product or policy sits in the market in terms of the features and benefits it offers and the range of options available. Their in-depth Star Ratings process looks at the key features and benefits of every product or policy they rate.

Defaqto are completely independent and unbiased and never knowingly exclude a product or policy from their Star Ratings.

Why is a Defaqto 5 Star Rating important?

Buying home insurance can be a bit of a minefield, whilst its easy to compare products on price alone, its not always easy to understand what you’re getting for your money until its too late.

Defaqto Star Ratings help you to make informed decisions about getting the cover to suit your needs. A Defaqto 5 Star Rating gives you the reassurance that you’re buying quality cover that will deliver when you need it most.

Product Highlights

    • £1 million buildings cover if you need to rebuild your home
    • £75,000 contents cover as standard, this includes an option to increase up to £100,000
    • Tracing the source of a leak and making good the any damage caused will be paid for
    • New for old cover on all replaced contents
    • All repairs are guaranteed for one year
    • You can tailor your cover by adding optional extras such as accidental damage and cover away from home
    • Full access to an experienced claims service that is based in the UK

Did you know that 1 in 4 houses in the UK are uninsured? That is a pretty scary stat, see more stats below –

5 top tips when choosing your Home Insurance

  1. Be wary of cheap cover, don’t risk being underinsured, make sure you are covered for what you need to be covered for.
  2. Update your contents cover, valuable items and investment items can increase in value over time, make sure they are covered to their full value. Also, make sure you update y0ur content cover each time you purchase a big ticket item, such as TV’s, computers etc.
  3. Don’t undervalue your contents, is it worth saving £5 a month if your cover is only for £30k but your contents are worth £40k, make sure that the cover amount is valued correctly and what you need.
  4. Look for high cover limits, on average, there is a £20k difference in what people estimate their contents to be worth then what they are actually worth. Make sure you have have high limits in place, especially if you buy big ticket items throughout the year.
  5. Be thorough, when valuing your contents, it’s crucial to be as thorough as possible. Don’t forget about thins like clothes in your wardrobe, curtains, carpets, gadgets tucked away in drawers, remember, everything adds up!


Pay less for your home insurance if you haven’t claimed in the last 2 years!

Home Insurance is a form of property insurance that covers losses and damages to an individual’s house and assets in the home, usually covering contents and buildings or either insurance individually.

Many people that we have been spoken to, don’t realise that they can potentially get a substantial saving on their home insurance for both the Buildings & Contents cover if they haven’t claimed recently. The longer you haven’t claimed, the greater the saving you can make. This can be up 30% off the normal cost.

Let us help by carrying out a free home insurance review for you today. We can check your current cover to make sure it provides the level of protection you need and expect as well as  seeking out better rates for you.  You can then use the savings to do something you really want or just reduce the strain on your monthly budget, whichever you choose.

Included as standard within buildings insurance is accidental breakage to fixed glass and ceramic hobs built into cookers that are permanent fixtures in your home, sanitary fixtures and fittings in your home; and solar panels.

Available as an optional extra is Accidental Damage cover. This covers unexpected and unintended damage caused by something sudden and external. Accidental damage would be required in order to claim for events that are not covered under the accidental breakage benefit. An example of this would be putting your foot through a ceiling whilst in the loft where purchasing accidental damage would be required to make a claim.

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