Income Protection Insurance

Income protection is a short-term or long-term insurance product you take out to cover any unforeseen circumstances that could prevent you from working or being employed over a period of time. Income protection can cover you if you fall ill, are injured and cannot work or redundancy.

Income protection will allow you and your family to be able to afford to carry on paying your living expenses by up to 75% of your gross income if you are in the unfortunate position of not being able to work. Income protection premiums can also be tax-deductible.

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What is Income Protection Insurance cover and why should I have it?

Income Protection Insurance is a policy that pays you out if you are unable to work due to sickness, injury or redundancy.

Income Protection policies can pay out up to 75% of your gross income. The length of time you pay into the benefit may be based on whether you have a short-term or long-term policy. Long-term income protection insurance would be paid until you are fit to return to work or retire, whichever is sooner.

You can select a waiting period before your policy kicks in, usually this is around 1 – 12 months . Normally, the longer you wait, the cheaper your policy is.

Income protection payments are based on a percentage of your gross earnings, usually up to 75%, but can be around 50%. For instance, if your gross income is £50,000 per year and you consider taking out a policy to cover 70% of your gross income, over the course of a year your policy will pay out £50,000 x 70% = £35,000. This is tax free income, but always check with your provider before taking out your Income Protection Insurance as this could change, depending on government policy at the time.

What can I use my Income Protection Insurance to pay for?

Income Protection Insurance will help you maintain your standard of living and will help you cover and pay –

Mortgage or rent payments

Your household bills

Childcare costs

Education expenses

Car finance or loans

Other loans that you may have

Long term Income protection will be more beneficial to those who are suffering from prolonged illness or disability.

Do I need Income Protection Insurance?

Information from the indicates that 1 million people in the UK find themselves unable to work due to a serious illness or injury each year. These figures are alarming and Income Protection Insurance can help give you cover if you are unable to earn an income for any of these reasons. Based on these figures along, it is good to look into your situation and ensure you and your family are in a comfortable place  to carry on living at a good standard and your living costs are covered.


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* Not paying or being behind on your premiums may impact your ability to claim or your claim amount. If you fall behind on your premium payments and do not resume paying your premiums, even if you become ill or lose your job, your policy may be cancelled and cover will cease.